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Can You Drive?

In todays society, knowing how to drive can have a huge impact on your life and is practically essential. Cars are driven by millions of people across the word and there is a solid reason why they are so popular too. One of the main reasons why is because they are the most convenient way to go from A to B really quickly and efficiently. which is accessible at anytime a long with many other benefits. The only reason why I wanted to learn how to drive is so I can feel free, and not have limitations as to when I can go out and where to etc.

Cartoon Car

I was still attending college when I started taking my lessons and I was studying Graphic Design A levels. It is something I really enjoyed and I also have a passion for. Whenever I was free I managed to take time out for a driving lesson. I used a driving school Birmingham becauseI know the instructor fairly well. I believe that I learnt how to drive pretty fast and I am currently driving at the moment. I couldn’t be any happier!

Wasps In My Home!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realised my attic was infested by wasps! I was very scared and very worried for safety of myself and everyone else in the family. The infestation had all started in the attic and this place is out of the way and is very easy for the wasp to breed and live without getting noticed.

pest control in birmingham

How I realised my house might have been infested was because I kept finding at least one wasp a day in my home and it is very rare for a wasp to enter your home because they do not want to be in your home. This is when I thought I should call a pest control in Tamworth to deal with the situation as it was a risk to my families health.

The guys over at Test Your Pests came over the next day to do an inspection and they quickly found out where the infestation was and the dealt with it immediately. Thanks to them I am finally free of wasps.

Buying Promotional Pens
dr print»pen»pens»print»promotional pens | | 15. July, 2014

I thought it would be a good idea to buy some promotional pens for my business. The reason why I thought it would be a good idea is because pens are very practical and having my business details printed on the pen would be a huge bonus. I find that promotional pens are a lot more effective than business cards although, business cards are great and they aren’t as practical and can often get thrown our or forgot about whereas a pen is something you will always need. This means when ever you are in need of a pen you will use the pen I handed out and will always remember my business.

I started to look online for promotional pens and try to find a pen design that isn’t boring and one that looks very stylish too, so you don’t feel embarrassed using it. I cam across a few good site but the best of them all was Dr Print. Dr Print offered em the best looking promotional pens as well as a great price too!

Money Aside For a Hot Tub
hot tub»hot tubs»spa»spas»sutton spas | | 14. July, 2014

After putting a lot of money to a side so we can purchase an item for the house. I decided I wanted to spend it on a hot tub. Now you are probably wondering why do I want a hot tub? Aren’t hot tubs really expensive? Aren’t hot tubs really hard to find in the UK? If these are the type of things you are wondering then that is okay, I would be wondering the same things too. The reason why I wanted to buy a hot tub was because I knew how good they are for relaxing in. I have been using hot tubs for years now at a spa and the amount of money I have spent at spas isn’t exactly worth it so I decided I wanted to buy a hot tub for myself.

hot tubs

I did some online browsing to try and locate a local hot tub dealers if there was any. Not long after searching I found a hot tub seller that had a large variety of hot tubs at good prices. I am still looking for the hot tub I want.

Only Wear Tailored Suits Now

I have gotten to a stage in my life where I only wear tailor made suits now. You may be thinking why do you only wear tailor made suits? Isn’t that expensive? Are you crazy or something? If you are thinking something along the lines of that then I will explain the reason why I feel like I have to. The main reason why is because I hate suits  you can buy in the retailers because to put it bluntly, they are rubbish. They are so boring and so common and if that isn’t bad enough they aren’t even made to measure your body which in most cases can look really bad and it doesn’t reflect as smart of an image as you would like a formal suit to reflect.

This is why I visit bespoke tailors Birmingham. I chose a bespoke tailor because I want my suit to be the only one of its kind, not only that I want it to fit my body perfectly. There are many other tailors Birmingham but I only go to the bespoke tailor because they use better materials and create much better fitting and designs.

Short Review On Underfloor Heating

I will be writing a short but powerful review on underfloor heating today. What I will be writing today will be valid a I have had underfloor heating installed in my home for nearly 2 years. One of the reasons why I have chosen to do a review on underfloor heating is because many people do not want to install this in their homes. There are countless reason s to why they may not want to install it which is fine, but a lot of the common reasons may be that they don’t want the stress of removing the old heating and shifting all the furniture and flooring to make way for the new and much better heating system.

underfloor heating mats

One of the key features of underfloor heating is that it provides you with the luxury of warm floors, however this isn’t the only thing that makes underfloor heating so special. With this new heating system you no longer have to worry about radiators because it is hidden and you there aren’t any cold spots wither due to the equal heat distribution.

Disposing and recycling of my paperwork

I had a look in one of my cupboards and I noticed there was like a tonne of paper work I haven’t even looked at in like so many years and to be honest it is probably all junk if I haven’t seen the need to look into all the paper work for something I needed that is important for how many years. At this point I decided to dispose of it all, but the only problem was after I had a look though some of the things that were in the huge pile I noticed that there were a lot of private information on them so I didn’t want to just throw them out either for this reason. Burning them wasn’t an option because it is a stupid idea and I would rather have them recycled.

I had a look online on how I could dispose of my paper work safely and I come across a company who provide me with a safe disposal and recycling of my paper work. I found a company that used a power full and high security shredder that will completely destroy the paper work then sent to a recycle plant.

Starting The Search For Hot Tubs

I was looking into purchasing a hot tub for a while then I finally convinced myself to start to look for on and hopefully buy a hot tub. Hot tubs are very expensive as they are a luxury that only a few people can afford to purchase this is the reason why I was looking for cheap hot tubs. I started my search for cheap hot tubs online. I used a search engine to help guide me into locating a hot tub seller that was near me who also offered me a great deal on a hot tub.

hot tubs

The reason why I have always wanted a hot tub is because I went on holiday and stayed at a 4 and a half start hotel. They had everything you could want in a hotel, they had a fully working gym, saunas, hot tubs, pools and many other amazing luxuries. I remember spending most of my nights just relaxing in a hot tub. I made the most of it because I knew I would probably wont get one. I am still looking for the perfect hot tub.

Anniversary Gift For My Wife

It was our wedding anniversary coming up and I needed to buy a gift for my wife. I knew it isn’t essential but I thought it would be a nice idea to buy her one anyway. Before I went out anywhere to go look for one, I tried searching online for watches for women in hope to find a site where I can by a very nice and fashionable watch that I know she would like to wear. I came across some good website and watch shops that sold watches for her but I didn’t want to buy one online because I couldn’t see exactly what it looked like and how long it would take to get delivered, plus I didn’t want her to get her hands on it in the post.

For these reasons I decided it would be best if I left the house and done a proper shop around. I am useless a shopping for women but I found a watch shop that had a wide selection and with the help of a the female worker I found a great watch.

Fun Facts: Driving & Cars

Below are some very interesting, funny and weird facts about driving/cars.

  • The average person will spend 2 weeks of their entire life waiting at a red traffic light
  • Most cars could barley reach 45 mph! (In 1902 also when the first speeding ticket was issued)
  • The Ford GT broke the crushing machine it’s that strong)
  • Paul Gavin invented the first car radio in 1929
  • Car airbags have a 1:22 death per save ratio.
  • 16 percent of people never wash their cars.
  • Drivers are known to kill more deers than hunters.
  • The most amount of people to ever fit into a smart car is 19. This record was achieved in Pakistan in the year 2010
  • You pay 8 times more for a gallon of Grand Latte at Starbucks than a gallon of gas.
  • 90% of drivers like to sing behind the wheel.
  • It takes half an ounce of gas to start the average vehicle.
  • Roads were first made for cyclists, not cars.

If you would like to learn how to drive or are interested in a driving instructor in Birmingham  visit Dr L Test.

Visit to the Big City

I took my partner out on a well deserved holiday to the busy city life of New York. MY partner and I have always loved new york and have been wanting to go visit this amazing city for quite some time. What we love so much about New York city is just the atmosphere and how populated it is as well as being one of the richest cities in the world.

We stayed in New York for 1 week and booked a hotel in central New York. The first thing we noticed about the hotels rooms was the price however, we paid for complete luxury because they were even fitted with underfloor heating never mind all the other luxuries. Once we got there we quickly realised how much there was too see in this city. There was never a dull moment, wherever you looked there was something interesting to go visit or see. If you are interested in busy city life or just love shopping I would definitely advise you to go visit New York.

Fine Jewellers Near Me

I was looking for jewellery in Warwick. I was after fine jewellery, jewellery that was unique and made from only the best materials. The jewellery I was looking for was a ring but I was looking for a hand made piece something that would mean a lot too me knowing theres no other ring like mine. I did some research on the web and asked around at some jewellers near me however, no one offered the service I required apart from this one jeweller named Hamlington’s


Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery offered me the finest hand crafted jewellery. They have this wonderful bespoke range which suited my needs. Each ring was customisable which was perfect for, and because there was no middle man I could choose how I wanted it and they could tell me instantly whether it would be possible or not. They told me they produce there own jewellery, so I won’t find what they sell anywhere else. I was so pleased with my purchase! The quality of the ring is amazing and the fact that it is unique and the service they offered makes me even more happier.

Renovating my Bathroom

I have lived in my home for a few years now and I really want to renovate my bathroom. I’ve always loved designer bathrooms and I have always thought of having one installed in my house. I have renovated every other room in my home apart from the bathroom. Mainly because I knew theres a lot of work involving plumbing when it comes to fitting a bathroom and this was kind of what I worried about the most. I had a certain idea in mind on how I want my bathroom to look and to make it a reality I had to get my bathroom plumbing re arranged. I called a professional plumber to install my items such as the bath and sink etc, he was great, a very nice guy and he worked really hard, he also gave me a free quote which I thought was really convenient for me.


I have my bathroom fitted exactly how I wanted and it looks just amazing! I was so surprised that it all worked out and I couldn’t be much happier with the way things turned out.

Rings In Jewellery Quarter

Rings have been round for thousands of years and have had many purposes than just jewellery. The most expensive rings are engagement rings. engagement rings usually come in gold, silver and platinum (these are the most common metals). Engagement rings also contain at least one gem. These gems can range from rubies, diamonds and emeralds, the most popular gems are diamonds. The reason why diamonds are popular is because of their appearance. Diamonds are naturally very shiny this is what makes them attractive. Engagement rings are given to the partner as a pre wedding ring, engagement rings are often very expensive and are are usually a symbol of the partners wealth.

wedding rings

If you live near Jewellery Quarter Birmingham then you will quickly realise the variety of jewellery this place has to offer. If you are looking for engagement rings in jewellery quarter you’ll find many different jewellers who offer you a variety of jewellery but knowing which one to chose can be tough. Jewellery Quarter Birmingham is the place to go when you are looking for fine jewellery but if you aren’t, don’t worry theres  the city centre a few mins away.

Modern Central Heating System

I was fed up with my old heating system and I decided I need a new heating system installed. I was looking around at heating systems and I got some advice of a heating specialist and he said he would give me a free quote. He was very professional and genuinely a nice guy and he advised me to look into what type of central heating I liked and he said once you have chosen what you would like, let me know and we can discuss the the costs and how long it will take etc.


I chose a modern design to match the modern theme of my home. I chose my radiators to be a gloss white finish to match my white walls and black furniture a long with black high gloss items. I decided which ones I wanted and the guy then gave me a decent quote and fitted them in the following day. I am so pleased with my heating system and the service he provided. They actually make my rooms look better!

I Need a Plumber!

I just woke up one morning to find my hot water wasn’t flowing properly through my tap. I just didn’t think much of it and settled with just using cold water. When I got downstairs to make a cup of coffee I heard a loud gushing noise of water coming from my garage. My heart sank because I knew straight away what it could have been. I ran over to my garage and I was right. It was a burst pipe. I was in a panic, and disbelief, mainly because i had to stop the water from spraying out so it would stop causing damage plus my kids need warm water, on top of that I had to be at work in within an hour. I searched online for emergency plumbers.


I had a plumber come round within 20 minutes and accessed the situation immediately and efficiently. He said the cause of this problem was from debris causing a blockage in your piping allowing it cause enough pressure to burst. He advised me to purchase a power flush system too. he said that this will clear any debris in my heating system that could possibly damage my heating or stop it from giving out heat efficiently.

Wasps Everywhere!

Throughout the last few weeks we have had a fair few wasps appearing in the upstairs rooms of the house. At first I just thought it was because of the warmer patch of weather we’ve just gone through and the fact they might just fly in through an open window by coincidence. But after being stung while asleep the other night I thought there has to be more to it!

After having a look around the house I couldn’t find any obvious signs, so ventured up into the roof to have a look there and it was swarming with wasps, so I knew immediately there had to be an active nest in there, not exactly what you want when you have a two year old child in the house. I searched online for pest control in Birmingham and rang around a few of the top results to get some help with the problem.

pest control in birmingham


They got a controller out to me the following morning and he was just brilliant. Assessed the situation efficiently and effectively before using the proper equipment and removal techniques to remove the two nests that were up there. So there was plenty of wasps for him to fight off! They cover a host of areas around Birmingham, offering pest control Sutton Coldfield and many more, so well worth giving them a call if you’re having any problems.

Guide: Jewellery Madness

Today we have a fantastic treat for those who live in the UK and are interested in purchasing some fantastic jewellery items if you’re out shopping this weekend or in the near future – then we have some fantastic news for you! This is our guide looking into a selection of the jewellery shops and areas within the Midlands, bringing you the best jewellery and deals this March!

jewellery shops

When it comes to looking for jewellery in the West Midlands, the first place you think to start is probably going to be the jewellery quarter, and it certainly is the best place to start your journey. Being home to the largest collection of jewellers in Europe, there’s everything here from chains and earrings, through to some very individual diamond engagement rings and elegant wedding jewellery.

But there’s also some fantastic stores around the rest of the Midlands area, such as Hamlington’s who have shops based in Solihull, Leamington, Coventry and more! There really are some beautiful pieces on display and the shop owners create a fantastic welcoming experience to really aid you in what you’re looking for.

Hot Tub Wonders
hot tub»hot tubs»misc»relax»spa»spas»summer»sutton spas»swim | | 19. February, 2014

Have you ever had a bad day at work, tight, stressed and wound up? of course you have its only natural. what you need to do is relax and enjoy a deep soak in a jet powered, warm, super comfortable hot tub. hot tubs work miracles when it comes to destressing and getting all of those toxins out of your body, making you chilled out and calm. At Sutton Spas we aim to chill you out by warming you up, how do you fancy getting home after a hard long day at the office and stepping into a warm soothing heaven?

Sutton Spas have the answers to all of your questions and can provide hot tubs and many other facilities across various counties, so get in touch and begin your calmer chilled out life now!

Platinum Passion

Make your special day one to remember with a beautiful wedding ring. There’s so much planning and organisation to do, making sure everything is in place for the big day is important. People even go to such lengths as employing people as wedding planners because there is so much to get through, that they couldn’t possibly get through it all themselves.

wedding rings


Today we are going to be looking at a selection of platinum wedding rings across a variety a jewellers, mainly based in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. The ring is one of the most crucial elements to your wedding, and finding the right one that meets your needs is important but also difficult. Setting up meeting with some independent jewellers to discuss your requirements and budget will help you to find your ideal solution.

The jewellery quarter is located in the heart of the United Kingdom’s second city, Birmingham and has over 250 years in heritage to offer to the people who visit this iconic place. The quarter is home to the largest collection of jewellery shops in Europe, providing some leading pieces of gold and diamond jewellery – ranging anything from diamond engagement rings down to smaller pieces such as chains, earrings and bracelets.



My Review of Drive Birmingham

Hey everybody, i’m going to leave my review about a time in my life when i really needed some guidance and informative people in my life. LEARNING TO DRIVE! – So, from a young age i had always wanted to drive cars in my spare time and eventually end up with a ‘ferari’, who doesn’t?


Well it wasn’t so plain and simple, no, it was just one big nightmare trying to find a good instructor. Maybe i was being picky but i wanted to make it right so i didn’t end up paying  for 84 tests!


I went to Drive Birmingham, after going thorugh other driving schools in birmingham, but with no avail and complete disatisfaction! They were really great and made me feel safe and sound.


I would recommend them to any new young drivers or those who need help!

Looking For Part Time Work?

Sometimes you get to the point in life where you require a bit of additional income on the side of a regular job, or you just fancy a complete career path change because the line of work you are currently in isn’t really where your true ambition lies. A lot of people just take whatever job they can due to having to keep up with the cost of living.

A fantastic upcoming industry that pays extremely well and allows you to keep your existing job and work flexible hours whenever you can, is escorting. This thriving business is providing a companionship service to maybe go out for a few drinks or attend a dinner for example. It pays well and comes bundled with a host of benefits, so is well worth looking at as an additional source of income.

The newspapers used to be an excellent place for agencies to advertise openings for new girls to join them, but this has seen a recent decline with its moving within the paper. This means that people have taken to the internet and the escort recruitment side of things is moving digital as people are looking for independent escorts Birmingham online.

escort jobs east anglia


The beauty of being an escort is that you are being paid for your time, and don’t have to have any costs to do this – so it’s a really lucrative return for you. Some people choose to become an independent escort, but its hard to gain the coverage needed to build a steady client base, so joining a local agency is probably a better option.

If you are looking for escorts or employment in the surrounding areas, then one of the leading agencies in the United Kingdom is currently looking for new girls to join them and are open to applications. Simply submit your application online and you could be a part of this thriving industry.

Some more useful links regarding escort employment:

Feeling The Stress?

Sometimes when it all gets a bit too much we need a way to unwind and relax. People have their own methods of relaxation and we think there’s nothing better than a nice day out at the spa. But this can be costly and a lot of effort to find a good local spa, so why not take it a step further and bring this luxury to you.

hot tubs


In this post we will be discussing the exciting topic of jacuzzi’s and spas. There’s nothing better than when you kick back and take in the relaxing feeling of a hot tub. There is a huge variety of hot tubs available to purchase for either indoor or outdoor use, and there’s definitely something to meet every budget and requirement you may have.

The therapeutic jets help you to relax, relieve stress and muscle tension from the comfort of your own home, so why make the effort to travel to a spa when you can bring it to you.

Dress to Impress With a New Watch

It’s a new year so why not start yourself off in 2014 with a new watch! There is a host of designer watches that would make either a great look for yourself, or if you are struggling for a gift for someone that you know, why not a new watch to really give off a great new image.

designer watches


Today in our watch post we will be looking at a short selection of watches for men, that we think would make a great buy at a reasonable price, and to start us off we have this fantastic stainless steel chronograph watch from Hugo Boss. Featuring a large black face with date display and stainless detailing, this watch is a brilliant addition to any collection. Hugo boss watches are notorious for being well made and this one is no different, it will be sure to last you a long time if well maintained, and not being too high on the price point – it would make a fantastic investment.

watches for men












Next up we have a watch from Emporio Armani, very similar in style to the Hugo Boss watch we talked about earlier in this post, it also features a stainless steel bracelet and large black face. Watches from Armani are renowned for being of the highest quality, providing assurances to you as the buyer that you are receiving a timepiece of genuine quality.

jewellery quarter birmingham


That’s all from us today on our fashion blog post! But be sure to stay tuned to the blog for more posts to come about fashion, jewellery and much more! If you are interested in any of the watches we mentioned in this post then take a look online at the Design Centre Jewellery website, or if you are visiting the Birmingham jewellery quarter on your travels any time soon, pop into the store and see their wide range of designer watches and jewellery on offer.

Some Wicked Web Design

Having a cutting edge and innovative website is the difference between converting potential customers into sales and those sales into repeat sales. The internet is massive these days, and everyone is using it everywhere they go, whether it be on a desktop computer, a mobile phone or tablet.

web design birmingham

There are plenty of aspects that make a website a good one, some are pretty obvious and some others not so. We will be discussing a few things throughout this post and have an input from a company who offer web design Birmingham on what they think makes a good site.

Firstly, the landing page is arguably the most important thing about a website, because everyone judges your site within seconds of coming onto it. Regardless of whether or not you have the most amazing content on the web, if its not displayed properly or easily accessible, then people are going to look elsewhere.

Think about how many times you’ve visited a site and left almost immediately back to your search results because of a poor looking page or the functionality of the site was not up to scratch. The website agency we spoke to said ‘simple but effective navigation is imperative to the working of a site. Sometimes we see menu’s that overlap or don’t function properly, content that is half hidden by other objects and just an all round poor site. Having a professional design will take your online business through the roof, providing your customers with a simple but elegant online experience with you.’

December 2013 – Birmingham

What’s going on this month in Birmingham?

December – all you can think about is christmas. The winter weather is here with the cold, dark nights and the snow is probably next on the list of things to happen before the new year turns.

There’s always plenty going on in this vibrant city, especially with the Frankfurt christmas market in full flow, and the festive vibe all around the city centre. Everyone is out for a bit of christmas shopping, and we joined the crowds on the weekend heading out into the jewellery quarter to look at some gold jewellery.

german market in birmingham

The jewellery quarter in Birmingham is the heartbeat of manufacture and trade in the West Midlands and one of the best locations for jewellery UK. The quarter has plenty of things to do in the day, such as a host of restaurants and bars for eat and drink, jewellery shops and even a museum – so you’re never short of something to do. The vibrant nightlife also gives a different twist on this historic location.

jewellery quarter birmingham









The fast paced daily life in the jewellery quarter makes for a fantastic setting on a daily basis. We were on the lookout recently for a wedding band so had looked around in a few places in Birmingham but hadn’t really spotted anything special. After doing a search online for wedding rings jewellery quarter we found a family run jeweller and decided to go in to have a look to see what was on offer.

wedding rings jewellery quarter



Here is a photo of the ring we purchased, absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t be any happier. Take a look around the jewellery quarter if you get chance this christmas, an area with a lot of history and heritage, with plenty to offer.

Solicitors in the West Midlands

After recently seeking legal advice from a solicitors Birmingham after I had a quite serious accident at work, I have been able to recoup around seven thousand pounds in compensation after breaking my leg and having to take a prolonged period away from work, which also prevented me from carrying out a lot of normal duties outside work too.

Having a fall or injury caused by something at work that’s not your fault can be a hard time, and ensuring you get what you are entitled to is very important. A lot of people have an accident at work and overlook their entitlements for compensation.

solicitors birmingham

Companies try and bully employees into not making a claim against them when they are at fault, but don’t let this happen to you, get in contact with a local solicitor Birmingham and find out more about what legal information you need to know in relation for a claim.

My Son’s Birthday Party

This weekend is my son’s 18th birthday party and we were planning a massive surprise party day for him, starting out with a shopping trip and family meal, followed by arriving in a limousine at a private venue for a party we have planned out behind the scenes for some time now.

As we all know thing’s in this world never quite go to plan, and we have had to chop and change a lot around up until now trying to get things sorted.

Firstly organising a family meal was a nightmare, with us struggling to find availability for a table of the party size we needed this weekend. Without wanting to end up in McDonald’s we’ve tirelessly tried and finally sorted somewhere in the mailbox Birmingham, which should make for a fantastic start to the day.

When we were looking at limo hire for the party in the evening, companies either didn’t have limousines or their prices were almost extortionate and we felt pressured into having to pay over the odds for this. We search around online though and came across a company called Your Limo Hire, they specialise in limo hire Birmingham, and cover many other area’s around the country too.

limo hire birmingham

Fantastic, absolutely fantastic is all I can say about this service. With an online booking system and everything it made enquiring a piece of cake and they got back to me the same day with a quote around thirty percent lower than anyone else had quoted me!

Next was deciding what to get him as a present, we had looked at a fantastic 9ct gold chain at a shop in Birmingham city centre, and decided that would make a great gift on the day for him to wear.

Now that all the preparations are in place, we can look forward to the weekend and hopefully he has the most amazing day of his life, I will be sure to post an update on how things go later on this week.

The Guide To Water

This is a quick guide to water

What is Water

You probably already know about water by now, it is a colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid substance with a freezing point of 0 degrees celsius. Water constitutes around seventy percent of the Earth’s surface which is amazing to think about.

water tanks

Uses of Water

We can use water f0r almost everything, and most organisms on the planet require water to survive. It can also be used daily for things such as drinking water, for washing and feeding plants.

In my home I have a system set up to collect natural water fall and store it inside two large water tanks. The water in one tank is just reused within my garden to water the plants whereas the other tank is treated so that we can use the rainwater for drinking and for washing clothes and dishes.

What About The Waste

There is a land drainage pipe running out from the tank that removes any wastage from the tank and runs off into a ground drain to be removed conveniently.

That Perfect Watch and Gift to Match

The Watches

In today’s informational guide we are going to be looking at some fantastic designer watches from top brands such as Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani and Raymond Weil.



This amazing Emporio Armani Renato Chronograph watch features a stainless steel bezel and strap with a black dial and date display. These watches for men are from the celebrated designer Giorgio Armani one of the most influential designers Italy has ever produced.

watches for men

This Hugo Boss gents black leather strap watch features a black dial with date display. A fantastic piece that could be worn casual or smart.

mens designer watches

This is a fantastic designer watch from the iconic brand Raymond Weil. Featuring a beautiful black leather strap combined with a two tone steel face and black dial to really bring out the gold detailing.

Why Not Pair Them Up With..

We were out shopping last weekend in the jewellery quarter Birmingham while on a visit there and I only say how hugely impressed I was. Having never visited before not knowing really what to expect, the quarter is packed full of history and heritage featuring a host of jewellers, shops, bars and more.

After taking a look around the museum of the jewellery quarter we headed around some shops and I was keeping my eyes open for a few late christmas gift buys. While looking seeing some gold jewellery I saw a set of 9ct hold hoop earrings and just had to buy them. Featuring a really nice big hoop but remained lightweight with a rose gold twist.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the Birmingham jewellery quarter for anyone in the West Midlands, it is a fantastic place with plenty to see and do, there is also currently a wonderful German christmas market there at the moment too!

Struggling to Choose a Present

We all know people in our family or friends who are extremely difficult when it comes down to buying them presents. But with the cold weather and winter conditions are well and truly here, and christmas is only around the corner.

This can only mean one thing, christmas is just around the corner, and the rush for presents is on. Every weekend shopping centre’s are getting busier and busier, with the availability of products such as the new PS4 down to a minimum, there is a struggle deciding what to get.

I was looking at a variety of gold jewellery pieces from some local jewellers to me, as I had thought a watch or set of gold earrings would make a fantastic gift for someone who is difficult to buy for.

These are things that can last for a long time and are presents that suit a lot of people. If you are looking for jewellery UK there are plenty of shops. If you are local to the West Midlands it is well worth checking out the Jewellery Quarter near the Birmingham city centre.

gold jewellery

There is a huge variety of jewellers with fantastic pieces on offer combined with a host of bars and places to eat, there is plenty there to keep you occupied and is well worth a visit this christmas.

Diamond Certification – What Is It?

In today’s post we will be looking at what a diamond certificate is and what effect it has on purchasing a diamond, and the difference between certified and non certified.

A diamond certificate is issued by an institution such as GIA or IGI and details such aspects as colour, cut, clarity, carat, fluorescence, symmetry and weight. Having these verified factors provides authenticity and quality assurances to the purchaser of the diamond. It also allows you to compare with other certified diamonds so you know what you are getting for your money.

certified diamonds

Diamonds without certification may actually be no different in any aspect to a certified diamond but you don’t have the assurance, so it relies on the word of the seller as to what aspects the diamond actually has. These opinions can be widely varied between different jewellery experts and can lead to discrepancies regarding value and recovery if stolen due to insurance purposes.

Making Sure You Choose The Right SEO Company

There are plenty of options available to you when it comes to deciding whether or not to undertake a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign. Almost any business providing a product, service or even information online can benefit from SEO, which will increase targeted traffic and become a catalyst for driving sales on these.

Over ninety percent of search engine users click through a link off page one, with this figure dropping off around 95 percent on page two, a huge drop. So there’s a clear message here, that if you aren’t on page one then you’re potentially missing out on big business. We’ve seen people’s companies revolutionised by SEO so it is something that is well worth looking into. Take a look at this page for more information SEO Sutton Coldfield.

You may have had spam emails from SEO companies offering cheap services while promising big results, but as with anything the saying ‘if it’s too good to be true it probably is’ definitely comes into play here.

seo sutton coldfield

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process that can take months to implement successfully to see results, there are companies out there that promise top page one rankings within a matter of weeks- there are no promises in SEO. Google has implemented a lot of changes of the last two years, which have revolutionised the way it works and a lot of agencies are still using outdated methods which can result to harsh penalties, and potentially losing rankings for good.

On the other hand, there are reputable SEO agencies out there, who use up to date methods and have a great existing client base, but overprice their services massively. These large companies use their branding to charge considerably higher prices so it’s a good idea to search around a variety of potential clients. Ask to see some of their results for clients and compare prices before making a decision.

Essentials This Christmas

The cold weather is here, the dark nights are here, and it’s almost december which can only mean christmas is nearly here!

The manic rush around for christmas presents is well and truly in full swing at the moment, with shops and high streets getting busier and busier every weekend in the build up to the big day santa comes to visit.

I went out on the hunt for presents last weekend and my family are extremely difficult to buy presents for. I thought a watch would make a great gift though and it’s something thats long lasting if well looked after. After looking at some mens designer watches I found a shop which stocked some beautiful pieces from Armani, Gucci and more!

In the end I left with a smile on my face having purchased a wonderful Emporio Armani watch at a price that beat most online retailers, which is fantastic and something you don’t see very often.


Your Limo Hire – Affordable Quality

Recently after looking for limo hire and being offered some extortionate prices I decided to have a look online to see what deals were on offer.

I stumbled across a relatively new company called Your Limo Hire who I decided to give a call. After telling the person on the phone I was looking for limo hire Birmingham but didn’t have a huge budget, they were very accommodating with price and offered me a limousine considerably cheaper than anyone else had quoted me.

On the day the service was fantastic, on par if not better than any other limousine service i’ve seen before, which is amazing for the lower price point and far exceeded our expectations! Well worth a look into if you are looking for limo hire in Birmingham, Essex or London and I would strongly recommend Your Limo Hire to anyone. For more information about Limousine’s see here


The Finest Jewellery

With Christmas time drawing ever closer, I decided it was time to go out and do some shopping for some presents to try and get ahead of the December rush this year. After heading out into the prestigious Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, the epicentre of jewellery trade in the midlands, which boasts a wide selection of jewellers, bars, restaurants and more.

There are plenty of jewellery shops boasting a wide range of beautiful pieces ranging anything from small bracelets through to engagement jewellery. Not really knowing what I was looking for exactly, I headed into a few shops to see what was on offer. After seeing a set of elegant 9ct gold hoop earrings I was just sold immediately.

They were that good I even bought a second pair for another present! Would recommend taking a look around the jewellery quarter this christmas to anyone, there is so much to see and do even outside of the jewellers, it also boasts a vibrant nightlife and even a museum, so there’s definitely something for everyone.


Planning for the Summer

It may seem a while away with the bitterness of the weather at the moment, but soon enough the time will fly by and the wonderful British summer will be here once again. Whether you stay here or go abroad, we all love a holiday in the sunshine and why not start preparing for it now. In these winter months when sales are usually lower on summer items like swim shorts and beachwear, it can be the best time to shop around to find the best prices before they go up again, also you don’t want to be left running around at the last minute looking for things to buy.

Preparation is key, and you can do no harm by being a step ahead of the game. Recently when I was shopping online I found some amazing mens designer swimwear from an independent designer called OKUN. Their designs are extremely unique and provide a different twist on the conventional swim shorts found in high street shops and major online retailers.

As much as I love christmas and the festivity around it, personally the summer is just for me and I can’t wait for it to come around again next year. Summer schools are a great learning tool and can provide some great credit towards degrees, while teaching you valuable information. One of the highlights for me every year is attending a summer camp, meeting new people and gaining new experiences in life.


Google Rankings – How Important to Your Business

By now you’ve probably heard about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but the bigger question is do you know what effect it can have for your business? A lot of SEO companies send out mass emails offering services and making promises that they can’t fulfil, but don’t let this put you off starting an optimisation campaign for your business, because it can really turn things around.

The internet is around us everywhere from desktop computers to mobile phones, and everyone is on it. So you have got to think, your target market is searching and you need to position yourself at the top to convert that traffic into sales of products and services. We recently contacted an SEO Walsall company about their methods, results and how they go about doing things.

Whether it be local, national or global every business offering a product or service can benefit massively from SEO. We’ve seen businesses turn around from optimisation, with sales more than trebling and allowing growth allowing them to expand further. Check out SEO Coventry and SEO Cannock if you are a midlands based business interested in what search engine optimisation can do for you.

For more information see here


Improving Your Ecological Footprint

Reducing carbon emissions and having an environmentally friendly outlook seems to be something that is coming more prominent year upon year, especially with the consistent warnings about global warming and low fossil fuels. There are some common methods people think of and use on a daily basis such as solar power, wind power and simple things just like recycling.

In this article we are going to be talking about a different method, one that’s often overlook or unheard of, and that is rainwater harvesting. This is the process of collecting fallen rainwater into a tank and reusing it for things like agriculture and gardening, or household uses such as drinking water (after treatment) or in the washing machine for example.

Rainwater harvesting systems can be expensive to set up so they might not be ideal for every home, but as a long term investment, it can help reduce your annual water bill by up to 50 percent! It is worth looking into the potential costs vs savings when deciding whether or not to install a rainwater harvesting system for your home.

I have had one at my home for about a year now and it has been fantastic and my bills have been reduced massively! For more information about rainwater harvesting see here


My thoughts and Ideas for new Websites

So I thought if i compiled a list of new ideas and what i thought the best ways to design a website, it might help you. It’s always best to find  a good website designer in your local area, you can find this using a search engine with a search term like “Web design Birmingham

Importance of good web design

Having a perfectly designed website isn’t much of a problem or an issue for the average website owner…but when it comes to the nitty gritty of conversation rates and a like it can really be the make or break of your site. So we must understand our market to get the best idea of why and what has helped us understand how a consumer acts.


Data collected from analytical tools such as Google Analytics can be very helpful in measuring vital statistic which may outline a loop hole in your sales and traffic lines.


Bounce rate

Understanding bounce rate is not a complicated idea, it simply is the percentage of time the user spends until he exits your site.


All of these factors help to understand the reasons why Website Design is very important.


Ideas for designing a new website

  • Keep it fresh – A modern feel with good graphics always catches the eye
  • Moving items is shiny piece of material effect! (wow)
  • Responsive design, keep your users happy with a design that meets their needs.
  • Mobile friendly, the next generation are using more and more tablet and mobiles to access the net
  • Interactive design(Talk to your audience)
  • Fresh content
  • Engage your users


Embedding all those ideas above into one site might be hard but must be a magical combination. Well I would certainly love this.


Recommendations and Useful links

Web Design Image

Feedback and Comments
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Hi Guys,


Looking for feedback and comments that you would like to let me know about my new site?


I love using this theme but i would like to know what you people thought?


So the title of the post reads that we must understand for us to be able to market our websites properly. Especially in Europe as has an 89% Share of the search market.





#1: Focus on the user and all else will follow.

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new Internet browser or a new tweak to the look of the homepage, we take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line.” from

So now that we know a little more about the main Search Engine in Europe lets get started.


The reason for Google….

There are several reasons for google, one it makes the life of user so much easier when looking for things on the net….to be quite frank the internet would a complete waste of time without these(to an extent) It is literally the source for every individual in the world. If you don’t use an engine…what do you use the internet for? Viewing the same web pages over and over again?


Optimising your site for google?


There are many helpful pages and resource on the internet that would help you understand how to structure your web page to be best viewed by Search engines like google! Many individuals/businneses would call this “SEO”(Search Engine Optimisation). You can find the best resources for SEO right here: – They have some great tutorials for you to follow to learn how to help google help you!


What’s it worth?

Well, it’s completely dependant on what you may be wanting from getting search engine exposure!?!?

It can help you with:

  • Traffic
  • Visitors
  • Sales
  • Overall feedback/critics
  • Good ideas
  • Increased ROI

Recommendations and useful links…